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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Still baking last year....

A Year ago, I was still baking my twins in the Hospital. Staring at the same 4 walls. Looking out the same window and bridge. Dreaming of all the things I would normally be doing, but knowing I had a different task at hand. I had to keep my babies in as long. as. possible. Ha! Easier said than done. Tuesday marks the 1 year that we did our routine 3x a day heartbeat checks and couldnt find Aydens. My anxiety isnt as high and I had anticipated it to be. I think because I was so hyped up for May 7, when my water broke, to be so terrible, and I managed. Sadly, my boy is gone. There is nothing I, Josh, Drs, nurses, ANYONE can do to bring him back. Joyfully I have my little Miss. She is a hoot and I thank Ayden everyday for her!

Some of the things little miss is up to now-a-days!

Biting! O yes!! Brielle has 2 bottom teeth and she is a biting fool! She bit Josh the other day! hehe pretty funny if you ask me! Today she bit my toe, not so funny!!

Getting into EVERYTHING! She will roll towards every and any cord in plain view!

She loves to pull my hair and rip off my glasses. She even threw them a few weeks ago and broke them!

She has just started a fake cry yesterday. Its hilarious!!!! It doesnt even sound like a cry!!! (I really want to learn how to download videos on here!!)

She learned Tuesday how to move her walker!! She loves to go down the driveway....Up not so much yet! :)

Sitting ALL BY HERSELF! Shes doing amazing! No more drunken sailor or tipping over.

Gives kisses and hugs! Open mouth and occasional tongue, but HEY Ill take them!

I tell her to give me her hands and she grabs mine and pulls herself to a stand! Loves to stand big and tall!!

Holding her own bottle (most of the time! She still likes to be a princess!)

Chowing down solids like a champ! I havent had anything this kid doesnt like yet! She eats watermelon, peas, green beans, squash, sweet taters, nanners, mashed potatoes! & she loves her gerber puffs!! She takes them off her tray & feeds herself!

Shes a whoppng 16 lbs 3 oz! 25.5" long. Her 7 mo old cousin is 16 lbs! hehe little fart!

She loves to play in her swing outside!

She loves to talk on the phone!

She is obsessed with ice cream & del monte fruit pops! She throws a fit if you dont feed her fast enough or its all gone!

She loves her puppies! And they let her dig in their eyes and ears and pull at their hair!

She has the most gorgeous smile! Her giggle is adorable!

We recently just got Brielles 1 year pictures done, SO I will leave you with those :)


  1. Dear Josh and Amber I just have to say how very interesting your blogs are. I have just finished reading them since a Feb. post--for some reason I thought you weren't doing it any more. You do an awesome job of writing Amber. I find myself crying one minute and then smiling and laughing the next minute. You are helping many other families that are in a situation similar to yours and you are helping yourself vent and heal. A person can feel your heart leap for joy in good stories and we can feel your heart break if a preemie doesn't make it. Your writings are exemplary and you should be commended. You as a family have traveled a long long road this past year, Bri has proven over and over again how strong and determined she is-Ayden is truly casting strong vibes from heaven. You as a young couple have endured so much, there are many couples who have had to go through similar circumstances and break up in the process. I truly believe that Brielle could feel your faith and love for each other and this generated and flowed over to make her fight. Thanks for keeping us informed throughout this journey. Take good care and keep the faith. Love Debbie

  2. Bri is so stinkin' cute! I have kept up with her progress since the very beginning and am so glad to see how far she has come. She is truly an inspiration, as are you and Josh! I get so excited to get online and see that you have posted something new....but I was beyond excited to see the new pics! She is getting so big! I will continue to keep up with you all as long as you continue to post....I'm sure there are big things to come from this cutie and I don't want to miss them!