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Thursday, July 12, 2012


My emotions are running extremely high. Monday I had some weird things going on and seen my doctor on Tuesday. I ran them by her and she was concerned so she ran several tests to figure out what was going on. Since she was off on Wed I just got the phone call today. Tests came back positive for BV infection. The same infection that broke my water with Ayden and Brielle. The same infection that took my sons life. I am so pissed off this happened yet again. I have never gotten this infection while NOT pregnant so why do I keep getting it while pregnant? How can this seriously happen to a person twice??? I just dont understand gods ways! Im just glad I am alot further along that I was with the twins. God forbid something would happen this time, we have a much better chance. Lets just hope we this one doesnt spread as fast as the last time. As Im trying really hard to look back and think back I believe the time frame is pretty close to when my water broke and when we found out and when I suspected something wrong. Please let me be wrong. Prayers needed water sac stays tightly sealed please!!

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