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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Proud mama!

Today was a busy busy day for lil Miss. We had Physical Therapy with our normal PT at 7:30am! Brielle was NOT having it! She screamed everytime we tried to get her to do something. Lisa did her best to get her to stretch and work even tho Brielle wasnt having it! I knew she wasnt tired, because she had just woken up in the last hour. So we are blaming it on her 2 year old 'tude or her just having an off day. I knew she had a busy afternoon ahead of her, so I knew I HAD to get her down for a good nap! She went down at 10 and was up at 11:30. At 12:15 she had her teacher come, to evaluate her since shes 2. They now do not give her the adjusted 'benefit of the doubt'. Her teacher also brought our new OT, since I let the last one go. I am hoping and praying the new OT can help Brielle and benefit us. I felt the last OT was wasting our time (literally 15-20 min late Every single session) and she kept doing therapy that just was not working and was not willing to try new things. The new therapist has a whole new approach on how she does therapy and I think that this will be a good fit. We dont even have a year left with this program, since they discharge when they are 3. Sad, sad, sad day that will be!! Soo Brielle took to the new OT, Mary Ann, right away! She is fun! And nice! And knew just how to get Brielle engaged in the activities. Well maybe Brielle was showing off and next time will be different :) Then OT left, the teacher stayed and at 1:15 Speech, a speech student AND her new nutritionist came. So all in all Brielle had 6 people come "look" at her today.
Speech....She is speaking at a 23 month level!! she understands speech at a 25 month level! Which means she is doing AWESOME and was DISCHARGED from Speech!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!! Cross one off our list!! We love miss Lisa, so it was sad to see her go, but Brielle gave her a great big hug!! We ended up adding the nutritionist to her schedule now. I had her evaluated a long time ago for her but she didnt feel it was necessary. Now however, since her height/weight ratio is extremely low and she is not even on the growth charts, she felt it was necessary to see her monthly. Cross one off, add another! But I dont think it will be a bad thing for someone to help me get nutrition into her and find creative ways to get the extra cals she needs. Dr Krainik was going to set me up with one anyway last Friday, but I had the call in already so he was pleased to hear I was on it already. She is dropping me off some samples and paper work tomorrow so we can start working on it! All in all, a busy but good day! Brielle gets so smiley and excited when I make a big deal out of her accomplishments! It is a big deal! For mommy and Brielle! Daddy will be O so happy when we tell him tonight too!! She is amazing! She is truly Ah-MaZiNg!!!

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