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Sunday, August 14, 2011

NICU picnic

The end of May, I created a NICU group for all familes who have ever used the NICU Brielle was in. I have been struggling with the loss of Ayden and the preemie side of Brielle and having another baby. I felt it was important to me to have others around me how "get it." So I started a group on Facebook and it is currently up to 118 members and grows daily! Two moms who were also in the NICU that I have become friends with, Tracey and Nichole, helped me organize a NICU family picnic. The picnic was today! It was very successful! We had 140 people RSVP. We had "Care bears" that passed out tattoos and band aids that said stuff like "Stuck on a miracle." "I *heart* Dr. Debbie" (Since one of the Drs (debbie) came today) "Preemie proud" "Nurses rock" etc. We had 2 bouncy houses, tons of food and great conversation sharing our stories with others. We had a scrap booking table set up that was "Look at me now" themed. We asked each parent to bring a newborn nicu picture and a current picture and then we put them up on the wall so everyone could read the stories. Then we will put them in a book and donate to the NICU. It was alot of fun!! A few nurses even came! And of course, Dr. Debbie! :)

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  1. What an awesome thing to do amber! So glad to hear about it all coming together!