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Friday, November 19, 2010

Off Day!

Today was an Off OXYGEN day for Brielle!!!! Daddy took her off at 7:30am after mommy went to work and she went back on at 6:15pm. So 10 hours 45 min she lasted off it!! She had awesome numbers the whole time!!! VERY VERY VERY proud of our little peanut!!! Dr Kranik said we have to take her off and just watch number, so thats what we shall do! And BAM she made it WELL over what we thought she would this early in the game!! I thought for sure she would be on it til maybe a year old. We shall see....In the words of nurse Kathy "Shes the Boss!!"

This christmas is very exciting for us because we have Brielle!! First christmas as parents!! It is SOOO hard to not buy Targets toy section!! We went from just getting her this pretty cool crawl along snail that is also 2 other toys for her to now we bought her this glow seahorse that lights up and plays 5 lullabies. She is mesmorized by it! As you can te,ll Santa came early for this little one :)

I have been reading books and singing to her before bed time when I put her to bed. I made up my own quarky twinkle twinkle song and own lyrics. It goes like this:

Twinkle Twinkle Little Ayden
How I wonder where you are
Watching over me in the sky
Like a diamond in my eye
Twinkle Twinkle Little Ayden....

She just stares into my eyes while I sing it Over and over and over and over hehehe.

My little nephew, Anthony, is the sweetest thing! That one night at the campfire, when I told him the star was Ayden, he hasnt forgotten. Its adorable!! He will ask me where Ayden is or he will tell me he talked to him last night, they roasted marshmallows together one night, he searches for him all the time! The other night he went outside to say goodnight to Ayden as he does on a regular basis and he said to my sister, "Ayden is covered by blankets" It was cloudy so he couldnt see him! It just melts my heart that our little boy isnt forgotten even by our 4 year old nephew! And we wont let Brielle forget either!

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  1. Awwww...what a fun Christmas for you three. And your nephew!! How precious. I left a comment for your previous blog but it didn't save somehow....hmmm.

    So glad to hear she's able to do without the oxygen. She's getting stronger and stronger. Go, Bri!