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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mamas weakness

Well Brielle has figured out mamas weakness........Her fat lip! She gives me that fat lip with this whimpery cry and I break out in tears. How sad is that???????? I just cant take it that she is that sad :( Shes doing it right now :(

I dont know why that gets me everytime but it does!!!

On another note....She was off her oxygen again for 11 hours today! Go baby go! We have had her nose cannula out of her nose completely while she if off. I think she LOVES it! She is getting fussy now when we put it back in. Sadly, she didnt know any different before we took it out. To her that was normal. But she is slowly learning there may be a new "normal!"


  1. Josh and Amber Just finished reading your last few blogs. What joyous news to hear that things are going much better for you three. It is awesome that Brielle is growing and thriving so. It's about time you guys have some good things going on - you truly deserve that!! Josh and yourself should feel so good about the way you have handled everything that has been dealt to you - you two are truly AMAZING!! There is no doubt you will be missed during the holidays coming up, but everyone will understand. Brielle comes first, she has been through way to much- her health and welfare is at the top of Santa's list. Little Ayden is always in our prayers. Anthony's story is so cute - out of the mouth of the innocent child. Thanks for the updates always curious to hear how Miss Bri is doing. You do a wonderful job of writing- I feel as if I am right there beside your precious peanut. Take good care Love Debbie

  2. At this pace, she'll be done with that oxygen and associated contraptions in no time. Yay!

    So cute to read about her pouty lip trick! What a little schyster! :) Love it...and don't worry, she's got more tricks up her sleeve that'll pull on those heartstrings! :)