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Monday, October 14, 2013

Busy Busy Family!

Brielle started school early September. She LOVES it! The first days bus ride was rough. It took myself and the bus driver to hold her down in her carseat and belt her in. It was awful and I felt terrible. I had to get in my car and drive to the school and make sure she wasn’t crying when she got off. I just sat in my car so she didn’t see me, and when she got off she was just looking around and taking it all in. She took her teachers hand and then ran in with the other kids. When she came home from school she was so happy and her bus driver said she didn’t cry once! She has been excited every day since!! Her bus comes at 8:10 and there are days where she has her backpack on by 7:30 and she says “Bye mommy. I got to go to school on my bus.” Its so sweet and I love that she loves school SO SO much!! Her teacher has sent me a few emails concerning her speech. She is concerned about her speech. I am not. Apparently, she does not talk in school. She said she can get one word answers out of her, but she doesn’t talk. Which floors me, because she is a jabber jaw at home and on the bus! I told her bus drivers that Mrs Chrissy is concerned about her speech and they both looked at me like I was nuts. So Im not really sure how to get her to talk more in school. Even when she comes home from school I ask her what she did for the day, and she wont tell us. Her teacher sends home a note each week with their agenda, which I am ever grateful for, otherwise we would have no idea!! But all around, she loves school and all her friends! She has a buddy on the bus, Tyler, that she sits by each morning! Therapy is going well. She is slowly learning that she will not get her way. The therapists are slowly learning her, and me. I think often, they are afraid of the limits they can test with her. The other day her new PT (Yes PHYSICAL THERAPY got APPROVED about 3 weeks ago!) had a talk with me about what was acceptable in my eyes. I told her to do what she needed to do to get her attention. Im okay with tears. She is a total tester and if they keep letting her get away with things, it will only continue or get worse. So they have started to put the foot down and make her do what they need her do, not what she would like to do. They do let her be a kid, so please don’t think that its all grueling work and no fun, because that is not the case! She does the trapeze bar and lands on 2 huge pillows, pushes a baby stroller into a stack of pillow blocks, swings in a cacoon swing, climbs up a rock wall to a slide and down into a ball pit, chalkboard, finger paints, beads, trampoline etc. Its all fun, but she wants to set the bar and rules and not be told what the agenda is. So we’ve been working on that, she gets to choose then Miss Donna gets to choose an activity etc. And as always she LOVES LOVES LOVES her horses!! She has started riding backwards and sideways and even a slow trot! Tuesday she started in the forward facing position and while her horse was walking she had to turn to sit to the right. Then she turned backwards. Then to the left. Then back to forward facing. She even lays down on her horses! Its amazing how big of a stunt rider she is! We signed Brielle up for Dance class. This child is so passionate about dancing and singing. And its great FOR her as well! We ended up putting her in the 1-2 year old class instead of the 3-4 year old class. I wanted her to be able to do the routines and not feel left out and not be able to do the program. The owner and I talked for quite awhile and we both agreed that the 1-2 year old class was most appropriate, and she taught it so she could work with us better. She loves it and she gets so excited to go!! Brielle has a busy week, and sad to say, a month in, it is catching up to her! She has school on Monday and Wednesdays. Clinical OT on Tues. Clinical PT on Thursday and Dance on Friday. Everyday of the week she is going. She has a nasty cough that she just cant shake. Listening to her on the monitor now, trying to sleep, she can’t stop coughing. We have had Something every weekend for as long as I can remember. And theres no end in sight til November! Im almost wishing October to be over because we really need a weekend to just let the kids sit home and do nothing! Tayvahs to the point where I open the car door and she screams and trys to wiggle out of my arms  Miss Tayvah turned a year old October 2nd! Where has this year gone!! Its so crazy! I love watching Tayvah and Brielle interact. They seriously love each other. Of course they have their sisterly love fights over a doll, but that’s to be expected. They love more than not however. Today when Brielle got off the bus she asked me “Wheres my Tayvah?” She misses her when we drop her off at grandmas house to be watched while we go to therapy or dance class.

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