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Sunday, June 30, 2013

As we know, Miracles do happen!

So much to share! In my last update I mentioned how expensive her therapy is weekly but we would find a way to make it happen. I got a call Monday the 17th at 8:15 from her clinical therapy that her physical therapy was denied but her occupational therapy was approved and they would like to see her at 11:45 that day if we could make it happen. It was a rush to get both girls ready and on the road during nap time but we made it. I was discouraged about the physcial therapy being denied. She needs PT more than OT anyday! But it is what it is and we just keep fighting!! I pull in the driveway of therapy and Tayvah was screaming! I walked around her side and opened the door to see her and her carseat covered in poop! We were just swimming the day before so I used her extra clothes and had nothing in the car!! I stripped her and got her cleaned up, it was all over her legs, feet, arms, ugh! I was searching my car frantically for anything to put this child in!! I found a 24 mo sweater and her skirt she had the day before that was crusty from being wet. Mind you it was 82 degrees!! And the sweater only had one top button so her whole belly was hanging out. O lordy! Lets do this! Go around to get Brielle and on her floor is a pair of Tayvahs shorts and Brielles tank top...Which fit Tayvah great!!! WOOHOO!! So after the poop explosion, we go into therapy and her therapist says "Hi Brielle! You going to ride a horse??" I had NO idea this was on their agenda, so I didnt bring money (they dont take debit) or her helmet. But we were making this happen! She LOVED it! It was so amazing to see her pretty little face light up and be so proud to be on that horse. She did not want to get off. There was another little boy that rides with her as well and she talked about Marshall all week. Her horses name is Dakota and I hear about her the whole.entire.week as well. But it melts my heart that she is so in love. And I have already noticed a difference in her! She is not quite as tip toed as she has been in the past few weeks. She doesnt fall as much as she used to. AND she crawled up into her highchair that just sits on the regular kitchen chair for the first time ever!!!!! Shes only rode 2 times so far and I can see this horse doing amazing things already.

With that being said, my girlfriend nomiated Brielle for a small wish thru Making Dreams Come True to have one of her 4 weeks of hippotherapy paid for which is $135. They contacted me about Brielles story and have started a fundraiser for her with a goal of raising $5,000! This would cover SO much therapy for this little girl it is AMAZING!! They are having several fundraising parties online such as WildTree and then in September they will have an actual benefit to raise money for her. She is so blessed. We are so blessed. I still dont feel like this is true and real and waiting to wake up from this dream. I can not begin to thank Jessica Falbo and Anna Lynn for doing this for us!! They have also started a page on Facebook for Brielle. Heres the link for that if you'd love to join in https://www.facebook.com/#!/AydensKeeperBrielleLynn?fref=ts  Its called Ayden's Keeper-Brielle Lynn  And then there is a site that you can make donations as well and that is https://www.wepay.com/donations/ayden-s-keeper  On the facebook page, they have the wildtree fundraiser going on right now. 20% of all sales goes to Brielle. There is a photo contest that will be happening in a week or so. So get your kids pictures sent in! We can not express how grateful we are of everyones help and donations thus far! They also have put quite a few pictures of Brielle doing therapy and riding her horse! Go check it out, like and share to help us get 1000 likes :)
July 5th Brielle will have her surgery for her adenoids and tonsils. Nervous but hoping this will help her sleep and breath better. The doctor wants to keep her for a 23 hour observation due to her size and chronic lung disease and just overall being high risk. Prayers she does well please!

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