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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Just a small Update

We are 18 days post botox and baclofen. After ALOT of trial and error of dosages on the baclofen, I think I have found the one that works for her for now. On top of it, Brielle got walking pneumonia and a sinus infection a week later. And she even shared it with mommy and daddy! The steroids she was on made her all kiddywhampus and sleep was non existant. It was a miserable week! She was terrified to sleep in her crib, so Josh spent many hours in the rocker, rocking her so she would get some ZZzzz's and even slept on the living room floor and gave his little girl the couch so we could all get some sleep. All Star Dad! Now that she is feeling better we have hit the stretching and working hard core. She has out grown her orthodics so I have a call in to get new ones! Her hamstrings have GREAT length which I am excited about, but trying not to get to crazy about it since last time wore off after 3 weeks. Im hoping the combo of baclofen and botox will help it last longer. She changes so much day to day. One day her ankles are loose and looking great and shes getting her heel flat on the floor while walking, but still high stepping. The next day she is tight as an ox and walking on her toe and dragging her foot. But her PT, Lisa, is so proud of how the botox and baclofen have already helped her that I hope we keep going in this direction!!

I am so pleased to say that we have left hand isolation of her pointer finger!!!! For the first time ever, she will point and plays "touch" on my phone with her left pointer finger with out me pushing the other 4 fingers down or even telling her to get that finger out!!! I down loaded an app on my found that she uses her finger to point and pop balloons or balls. She LOVES the game and I truly believe that it has helped her get the isolation down pat! This is one of many reasons I would LOVE to buy her an Ipad. They are proven to help CP kids and there are so many helpful apps for CP kids that would help her even further. She has had the finger down pat for over 4 days now and I cant stop smiling everytime!! Big improvement from her using her thumb on that hand or pointing with all 4 fingers! So proud!

As far as "Apple", I am 31 Weeks Monday! I had to take Brielle to Dr Rink as it was her doctors day off, and she was asking me how far I was etc etc. We were talking back and forth and she asked me what I was going to do with a baby over 2 pounds. I said "I dont know, Wait, you mean I get to take this baby home with me from the hospital? They dont keep her for 3 months???" She just laughed. Its definately a whole new ball game. And Im loving every minute of it. She is SO SO SO active! Josh finally got to feel her last week. He wasnt sure it was her until I told him if he didnt feel that kick he was crazy. I think today she was having a dance off with my organs. Loving all the water and swimming all around!! Grow baby grow!

Brielle thinks that her sister is a chair. She will come up on the couch and climb on me and turn around and plunk her little butt right on top of my stomach and watch TV all snuggly and cozy. Wait til her sister starts to kick her off!!

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