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Thursday, March 15, 2012

This ones for Auntie Em........

My sister informed that once again, Its been soooo long! Im becoming a bad blogger!! Little peanut is keeping us busy! As well as this 70 degree weather in MARCH! Love love love!!

Good day for a blog. Since the last few days Ive been feeling defeated. Tuesday, we have our 6 month appointment with Brielle pediatric rehab and medicine Dr. At this appointment we are going to question botox. Brielles physical therapist, Lisa, who I absolutely adore and trust has brought it up and after I researched it to death, I feel it is a good thing to discuss and possibly go thru with. I have a whole page of questions and concerns. Side effects, how often she will need, will she need to be casted, What if it doesnt work?? Another concern I have is her wrists. Brielle can not turn her hand over to have her palm up. This has been an on going issue for awhile. I took a break from it and recently revisited my concern and Lisa agreed with me that she is tight! UGH! It feels like she is getting tighter and tighter monthly. Its gut wrenching to watch. Her step is getting higher to the point that if shes been walking for awhile or too fast she will almost hop on her left foot. Lisa calls is a "gallop." She walks worse when she has her orthodics on. While I understand that her orthodics are NOT to help her walk BETTER, they are to help straighten out her ankles that turn inwards, Its hard to see. I dont feel they are helping and I will be bringing it up. The next concern is how clumsy she has gotten. She falls ALOT, orthodics or not. Lisa mentioned to me a few months ago, that we needed to keep her loose (FAIL) and we need to keep her confident (FAIL). She has full cognitive skills of a 2 year old. She has an attitude. And she WILL tell you if she is not doing something or if she is going to do something come hell or high water, this girl WILL do it! So we need to keep her spirits up because she knows that she can walk and next she will want to run. If she cant she is going to become frustrated and it isnt going to be pretty. Well we've hit that bump. It happened. She has been falling alot in the last week and she throws a fit each and everytime. I try to be up beat and "O Boom! Youre fine!! stand up! Come on! Lets go!" But shes feeling defeated as well. Shes frustrated. She had enough. I feel her pain. Im really hoping to get answers on Tuesday. I feel like we've hit a rock with her. Shes getting tighter as the months go on and she WILL NOT let me stretch her for anything! Shes too little to understand that she NEEDS to stretch. Shes too little to reason with. Next year, she will understand but that doesnt do us any good today. Getting her to stretch is pure hell. And Im as over it as she is. Shitty attitude, I know! But fighting with this child is not fun! She is a fighter! She is determined! She wont do what she doesnt want to! I keep telling myself, If she didnt have this attitude, She wouldnt be here! But geez louise girl, give your mama a break! Its okay to back off alittle!!

On a good note, Brielle is a hoot! She makes me laugh everyday, several times a day! Today in the car, she was so tired she was going "aaaaahhhhh aaahhhh" but with her eyes closed. This child protests naps daily! To get a nap in is pure hell too! :) And Ill be sure to tell this child when she is 15 and wants to sleep all day that she blew her chance when she was 2!!
Brielle has about 20 words. She says Boo, Bye, dog, please, bird, dad, drink, hi, done, get, go, down, choo choo, cracker, deer, car, pew, poop, no, yes, cheese, hmm Theres more, but Im drawing a blank. She is such a chatterbox! She will point her one finger at you and tell you a whole story. No clue what she just said, but its cute as heck!
she signs please, more, done, eat, sleep, drink, thank you. She knows her belly, head, eye, nose, and her famous stinky toes!
When asked to "pull my finger" she will make a tooting noise with her mouth. Thats been the highlight to everyone around Brielle.
She loves to go outside now that its finally nice and ride her four wheeler and she would just walk up and down the sidewalk all day long if you'd let her. She hates the swings at the park and will tolerate the slides. Otherwise, she'd rather just walk around. This child just wants to walk!! Walk from the car into the store, thru the store, and back to the car and into the house. She wants to push the cart, not ride in the cart. And she is persistant! Ask Gma Kris who met us at Gordmans in the middle of a complete meltdown because I put her in the cart! Oye! Id say her lungs are doing pretty good!! Tear ducts work as well!
We ask Brielle is she is tired and wants to go upstairs. She will either tell me no and keep playing or she will grab her beloved pink camo dog and head to the babygate. She will try to push the button to release the gate and then she will climb the set of stairs and go to her crib. But then she will fight her nap. Im at a loss for that one!! Its not like I force her to go to bed. I simply ask and she leads the way and then proceeds to have a melt down. Im stumpfed!
Brielle has been pooping on the big girl potty since about Novememberish. My sister sat her daughter on the toilet whos a bit younger than Brielle. I thought hmm and tried it. She took a liking to it and its just kept going. She went in the bathroom the other night when Josh was in there putting stuff away yelling "Poop poop" Josh kept telling her to get out. I told him what she was trying to tell him so he sat her on the potty and sure enough. She is sure learning what she needs/wants to do. She brought her jacket to me the other day (as shes just in a diaper). She will go in the pantry and bring me snacks. She knows when she wants a drink. Shes definately a smart little girl. Her latest is mom reading Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see to her 8 times a day. The only book that child will sit thru! So keep on reading!!

Ill try to be a good blogger and update after Tuesdays appointment!! :)

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