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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We had a great christmas! And I hope you all did too!! Brielle is one spoiled, loved little girl! The monday after christmas I took Brielle to the Dr and she had double ear infection and impetigo in her eye. Today, 8 days later, her ear infection is still here along with a nasty cough, runny nose and wheezing. Her doctor said she has hib virus. So shes on a stronger med and were hoping it will kick it to the curb soon!

Brielle got her orthodics. She is doing pretty well with them! I found a pair of crocs online for $2! Those seem to be the easiest to use with her afos. I am pretty lucky that she adjusts pretty well to whatever we throw on her! Today actually, I left her spio vest off of her because I didnt want to take it on and off at the dr and she is alot more clumsy, doesnt sit up well etc. So I love to see there is a diff when she has it off. She was so smiley in the doc office noone couls believe she waa sick! Peter sais the same thing when he was just here.

Ive noticed lately that when Bri trys to turn her walker she will only turn it to the right. She will turn a full circle right to turn to the left instead of turning to the left. Ill be asking pt on thursday for tips. Or maybe its her quirky/cp dont use the left.

Bri has become one vocal little girl! She knows exactly how to get a rise outta us! She wiggles that little butt of hers to music, its adorable! She loves to blow on her dads duck calls and has become pretty good! She even knows what end she needs to blow on! she has started to fake laugh and then starts to jibber and repeats! Its hilarious! She yells at the dogs while pointing her finger and yelling get/go. she says "bucca bucca bucca" ?? Not sure on that one. she sure lights up our life. I couldnt imagine life without her!! 2011 has been a stressful year and Im glad to hopefully have a joyful non eventful 2012!!

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