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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just an Update

Brielle is trying O so hard to crawl!! I thought she wouldnt, but all of the sudden she got this urge to try it out. She goes from sitting to the crawling position but then shes not too sure. But she is getting it! She rocks on her hands and knees. So we will see. And the most exciting (for me anyways) She started to say....MA Not a full mama but its a step in the right direction Right???

She has just started the 3rd stage foods. She just had lasagna. She loved it!! She still gets full really fast and eats more meals a day. Shes still a peanut with a small belly but thats okay! To date she is 18 pounds. She is a happy, opinionated, joyful little girl. Her laughter and smile brings such joy to my face everyday! There isnt a day that goes by that I dont say to myself "This is truly my little miracle! 2 days past the "viable" gestational age that the Drs would save her." TWO DAYS! 2. And doing incredibly well!!!

We went to fireworks last night. Before we went, I was feeding Brielle supper and I happened to tell her that we were going to go see fireworks tonight that went "BOOM" real loud. She giggled so loudly it was hilarious! I got it on video! I wish I could share videos on here. Im going to figure it out :)

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  1. Your little girl is so cute, so glad she is healthy and doing wonderful things. You and your husband are inspiring parents. Cheers to you all.